Welcome to Bellingham AAUW

Bellingham Branch Elections will be held

at the March 9 general meeting

10 a.m. at the YWCA, 1026 N. Forest St.

Those selected by the nominating committee are: Co-presidents, Judith Entwife and India Nishi Membership Vice-presidents Robin Kagan and Judi Edwards

Program Vice presidents Margo Hammond and Lisa Hammond
More nominations may be made from the floor, provided that the nominee is amenable to it.

Our speaker for the day will be Cheryl Crooks, Executive Director of the Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival. She will talk about the Women’s Film organization and the upcoming April festival, with trailers of some of the movies.

Ms. Crooks has worked as a freelance journalist, with articles in many national publications, such as TIME magazine. She is a professional photographer and has held board positions with numerous local arts groups, such as the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Western Washington University and the Bellingham Festival of the Arts.

According to their Web site, Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival was founded in 2015 to create an annual curated festival celebrating exceptional films directed by women from around the world.

The four-day event held in Bellingham each April includes film screenings, social events, workshops, industry panels, educational events, and more. Cascadia also hosts other festival activities throughout the year, such as educational forums, workshops and special film showings. It is a non-profit organization.

Guests are welcome to attend.


AAUW Washington Annual Meeting is April 12-13, 2019, at Holiday Inn Bellingham International Airport.

Call the hotel at 877-386-8490 for a room reservation for Friday.

Annual meeting information is available on the state AAUW website. The agenda provided on the website will always be the latest agenda.

You can register for the conference at AAUW Washington Annual Meeting 2019.
The meeting will start with dinner on Friday and continue through a day of speakers and workshops on Saturday. Kim Churches will be our dinner speaker. Kim is CEO of AAUW and will be leaving to attend Oregon’s convention on Saturday. This is you chance to hear how AAUW will continue to be relevant in the 21st Century. Another confirmed speaker for Saturday is Amy Klosterman, Title IX attorney. Amy will speak about her experience in the US Office of Civil Rights. Check our website, aaaw-wa.aauw.org, for updated program information.
Fees for our event are $120.00 early registration and $145.00 after March 15. Friday only and Saturday only registrations are available. Student Registration is also included. You can contact Marziah Kiehn, finance@aauw-wa.org, to order guest meals and arrange payment. Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch are included. You have a choice of three entrees for Friday dinner:

All options include spinach salad and seasonal vegetablescoffee crusted sirloin with mango chutney, Lyonnaise potatohazelnut-Dijon crusted chicken with gorgonzola cream sauce, herbed basmati rice vegetarian – Portobello mushroom with roasted bell pepper, roasted baby baked potato with sour cream

We will be electing a Secretary and two board members at the meeting. If you are interested in joining the state board, contact Judy Prince, president@aauw-wa.org.
Problems with registration? Contact Marziah or Judy.
Registration closes April 4 so that we can give accurate meal information to the hotel catering office.

Judy Prince president@aauw-wa

More about the State Meeting

The AAUW State Meeting replaces our ordinary monthly meeting. However, as you read on the previous page, there is considerable cost associated with it. Here is a breakdown of registration fees:

2 Day Registration
$145.00 after Saturday, March 16, 2019 $120.00
Friday Only Registration
$65.00 after Saturday, March 16, 2019 $ 55.00
Saturday Only Registration
$90.00 after Saturday, March 16, 2019 $ 75.00
Student Registration
$100.00 after Saturday, March 16, 2019 $ 75.00

For Bellingham Branch members who wish to attend, but find the registration fees prohibitive, the Bellingham Executive Board has set aside a limited fund to reduce the cost. Please contact Treasurer Heléne Berg-Kolin.


If you are reading this, perhaps you are interested in joining Bellingham AAUW.  We hope so!  Please browse our Website, and feel free to contact us or attend one of our events.

President:  Judith Entwife, Ph. 360-734-0444    

Membership Chairpersons:  Susan Moen, Ph. 360-778-2510

and Robin Kagan, Ph. 360-676-5205

It seems that many clubs and civic groups are experiencing declines in membership, and the usual reason given for this is increasing use of online sites such as Facebook.  This may be true, but what you can’t get online is a hug or a handshake!  Humans are socials creatures, and I believe that nothing can replace the warmth of face-to-face contact.  Having attended many virtual meetings in my business career, I have to say that while they can be useful, they run a poor second to actually being there.

This is one reason why we have a few minutes built into each AAUW meeting for chatting over coffee or tea.  I think it is also one of the reasons our Adelante! book club continues to thrive, and our newest interest group, Ya Gotta Have Art, has drawn members and friends to several outings.  Reel Movie Lovers is a thriving group, also, with one or two dates a month for movies or plays.

When someone new joins Bellingham AAUW, it is often because of changes in their life:  perhaps they are new to Whatcom County, they have recently retired, or their kids are now in school or off to college.  So they are looking to build connections with others.  AAUW is a place to do that.  So, come to one of our meetings, and be prepared for it to feel good!  You may meet artists, authors, board directors, scientists, teachers or world travelers – every conversation can be a learning experience.