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Bellingham Branch is pleased to announce our February 8th Program:

  Diane Martindale will speak on 
“Art intersecting with women’s rights”

Diane has volunteered in the arts for more than a decade. She is the board president of the San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA). She also has served as co-president and worked on fundraising and writing grants for the organization.
Diane serves on the exhibition committee, where she works on the team which creates the exhibitions. She curated EMERGENCE – First Nation Legendary & Emerging Artists, and, about icons of the Salish Sea.
Diane was instrumental in helping to form the Friday Harbor Arts Commission and has served on it for four years. Additionally, for more than 10 years, she has headed the Art Committee that brings community art to the Public Library.
She is currently chair of the Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA).  This is the group that advocates for funding the arts state-wide whether, arts organizations, arts education or public art. Diane graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA in Biology, and an  MS in Microbiology from Rutgers University. She is a quilter. A copy of her prize winning quilt, Island Icons depicts historic barns of San Juan Island and hangs at the San Juan Island Grange. Working to advocate for the arts is the culmination of years of her appreciation of arts and culture.

We will meet at the Bellingham YWCA, 1026 N. Forest St., at 10 a.m.


If you are reading this, perhaps you are interested in joining Bellingham AAUW.  We hope so!  Please browse our Website, and feel free to contact us or attend one of our events.

Co-Presidents:  Judith Entwife, Ph. 360-734-0444  and India Nishi

Membership Chairpersons:  Robin Kagan, Ph. 360-676-5205,

and Judi Edwards, 360-303-0487.

It seems that many clubs and civic groups are experiencing declines in membership, and the usual reason given for this is increasing use of online sites such as Facebook.  This may be true, but what you can’t get online is a hug or a handshake!  Humans are socials creatures, and I believe that nothing can replace the warmth of face-to-face contact.  Having attended many virtual meetings in my business career, I have to say that while they can be useful, they run a poor second to actually being there.

This is one reason why we have a few minutes built into each AAUW meeting for chatting over coffee or tea.  I think it is also one of the reasons our Adelante! book club continues to thrive, and our newest interest group, Ya Gotta Have Art, has drawn members and friends to several outings.  Reel Movie Lovers is a thriving group, also, with one or two dates a month for movies or plays.

When someone new joins Bellingham AAUW, it is often because of changes in their life:  perhaps they are new to Whatcom County, they have recently retired, or their kids are now in school or off to college.  So they are looking to build connections with others.  AAUW is a place to do that.  So, come to one of our meetings, and be prepared for it to feel good!  You may meet artists, authors, board directors, scientists, teachers or world travelers – every conversation can be a learning experience.