Welcome to Bellingham AAUW

Bellingham AAUW  Marches for Science

Approximately a dozen members of Bellingham AAUW participated in the Bellingham March for Science on Earth Day, April 22.  Some marched, several staffed a booth, and one member staffed a booth for another science-minded organization, the Spark Museum (one of our favorite places in town).

Although it rained (lightly) on our parade, steadfast supporters of science were estimated at between two and three thousand marchers.

Our Branch’s STEM focus of the last decade was a good match for marchers supporting the sciences, scientific method and evidence-based policy decisions. As a result, we had many deeply interested visitors to our booth. Not only did we raise awareness of AAUW in our community and make useful connections, but we also took in over $200 in sales and donations to help fund scholarships



If you are reading this, perhaps you are interested in joining Bellingham AAUW.  We hope so!  Please browse our Website, and feel free to contact us or attend one of our events.

It seems that many clubs and civic groups are experiencing declines in membership, and the usual reason given for this is increasing use of online sites such as Facebook.  This may be true, but what you can’t get online is a hug or a handshake!  Humans are socials creatures, and I believe that nothing can replace the warmth of face-to-face contact.  Having attended many virtual meetings in my business career, I have to say that while they can be useful, they run a poor second to actually being there.

This is one reason why we have a few minutes built into each AAUW meeting for chatting over coffee or tea.  I think it is also one of the reasons our Adelante! book club continues to thrive, and our new interest group, Reel Movie Lovers, draws a diverse group once a month to see a movie and then critique it afterwards.

When someone new joins Bellingham AAUW, it is often because of changes in their life:  perhaps they are new to Whatcom County, they have recently retired, or their kids are now in school or off to college.  So they are looking to build connections with others.  AAUW is a place to do that.  So, come to one of our meetings, and be prepared for it to feel good!  You may meet artists, authors, board directors, scientists, teachers or world travelers – every conversation can be a learning experience.


 We are always interested to hear from prospective new members.  Feel free to call our President, Susan Moen,  360-778-2510 or  Liz Wright at liz4bham@gmail.com
They will be happy to answer any questions.